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3. A special OPD level gynecology and obstetric care training for all doctors and nurses of DFY Health centers in Mumbai headquarter.   |  2. Doctors For You organized school safety program in Wular lake schools, Jammu and Kashmir.   |  1. Successful completion of Emergency Management Exercise in Bongaigaon, Assam. DFY conducted training on two tracks in this event, i.e Mass casualty Management and Hospital disaster preparedness.   |  


APPEAL FOR DONATIONDoctors For You (DFY)–Chennai Flood Response, 2015

Doctors For You (DFY) appeal to all citizens, voluntary organizations, Government and non-government organizations, charitable institutions, employees and their organizations, business and industrial houses, to extend their financial support and wholehearted co-operation for relief operations in Chennai Flood Response, 2015. Volunteers who want to support this initiative are encouraged


The current situation in Nepal is worse than the earthquake of April-June 2015. Due to blockade at Nepal border transportation of basic and essential goods to Nepal has become stagnant People are facing huge shortage of Food, Fuel, Gas and essential drugs. kindly come forward and help Nepal!

Doctors For You has launched its CII funded rehabilitation project for Wular Lake on 18th August 2015

Doctors For You has scaled up its operation for the earthquake affected population of Nepal with mobile healthcare outreach activities and static OPDs supporting the District hospital of Nuwakot district. Simultaneously DFY is focusing on capacity building of hospital staffs by providing orientation and trainings on maternal and child health. Strengthening the MCH wing of the district hospital is one of the goal of DFY's earthquake relief and rebuilding operation in Nepal.

DFY-NERO has completed its one month’s health care response for the flood affected population in Lower Assam Floods, 2015.

More than 5057 people are known to have died alone in Nepal and almost 11,000 injured since the earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale hit Nepal on the 25th April. Some parts of north and north-eastern India as well as areas in China have also been affected. Government reports in Nepal have confirmed that 30 out of 75 districts in the country have been affected in the Western and Central Regions, including Kathmandu Valley districts.
The report estimates the death toll could reach over 10,000 in the coming days. Besides widespread infrastructural destruction, thousands of people are missing including a large numbers of tourists. People are sleeping in the open or accommodating themselves in provisional camps and tents in the capital Kathmandu, as strong aftershocks continue. Rains are predicted in the following days, increasing the risk of landslides and flooding and so hamper search, rescue and relief work. Nearly one million children have been severely affected by this earthquake, a spokesman of UNICEF declared. With hundreds of thousands of people are sleeping out in the tents or in the open, UNICEF said its relief workers were watching for waterborne and infectious diseases.
Pledge your SUPPORT to Doctors for You's efforts in Nepal. DONATE NOW
CLICK HERE to view the complete list of medicines and equipment that has been identified to be sent to Nepal. Please contact us in case you would like to support.

Golden Ruby Award, 2015 for excellent contribution to Health Services

For standing out in the field of medical humanitarian services, Doctors For You was awarded the Ruby Jubilee Healthcare award in Mumbai on 23rd March 2015. The RUBY awards recognize community members younger than 40 who have made their marks in a wide range of professions and enterprises.
Doctors For You received this award for excellent contribution to the maternal and child health care services during disaster responses across the six states since its inception.

Our Latest Projects

Nepal Earthquake


Dear All

Situation in Nepal is much worse than post eartquke April-June 2015...due to blockade at Nepal border nothing is going inside the country...people are facing huge shortage of Food, Fuel & Gas.
Hospitals are running out of injectables, essential medicines, Blood collection bags,IV cannula, gloves and even doctors there have very limited choice of Antibiotics left.
KINDLY COME FORWARD AND SUPPORT NEPAL. Requirment if too big for Doctors For You to arrange. Kindly connect us to someone who can support. No contribution is small...so please support.
Contact us on 
[email protected] 
Ph- 7506363580 / 08473093237

View requirement list


“I went to 12 shops before I found 30 pills of my blood pressure medicine. I was looking for medicine to cover all winter,” said Narendra Rajbans,Kathmandu

"We are running critically low on drugs used in the emergency, ICU and operation theater,"
Dr. Swayam Prakash Pandit, director of Bir Hospital, Nepal's largest public medical facility in Kathmandu

"We are not even been able to run mobile blood donation camps due to fuel shortages. We don't have petrol to run our vehicles,"

“If the situation of shortages continues, patients could start dying after two weeks,” said Dr Shrestha Nepal Medical Association on18th Nov 2015.


"The condition in villages is getting more critical. We can't even transport the medicine that we have to rural parts of the country because of fuel shortages created by the blockade," said President Mirgendra Meher Shrestha President Nepal Chemist Association
Here is the mail from Nepal Ministry of Health 



Doctors For You (DFY) and Doctors For You-USA (DFY-USA) , together appeal to all citizens, voluntary organizations, Government and non-government organizations, charitable institutions, employees and their organizations, business and industrial houses across the world, to extend their financial support and wholehearted co-operation for  Nepal Response, 2015. DONATE NOW BY CLICKING THIS LINK



More than 5057 people are known to have died alone in Nepal and almost 11,000   injured since the earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale hit Nepal on the 25th April.  Some parts of North and North-Eastern India as well as areas in China have also been affected.  Government reports in Nepal have confirmed that 30 out of 75 districts in the country have been affected in the Western and Central Regions, including Kathmandu Valley districts. 


The report estimates the death toll could reach over 10,000 in the coming days. Besides widespread infrastructural destruction, thousands of people are missing including a large numbers of tourists. People are sleeping in the open or accommodating themselves in provisional camps and tents in the capital Kathmandu, as strong aftershocks continue. Rains are predicted in the following days, increasing the risk of landslides and flooding and so hamper search, rescue and relief work. Nearly one million children have been severely affected by this earthquake, a spokesman of UNICEF declared. With hundreds of thousands of people are sleeping out in the tents or in the open, UNICEF said its relief workers were watching for waterborne and infectious diseases. 


The United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) updated the following on Nepal 


Earthquake -


- UN warns for diarrheal disease


- UN fears Measles outbreak due to shortage of vaccines


- 16 shelter camp areas have been identified


- Priority needs for health: medical tents, medication, body bags and public health staffs.


- Psychological support is urgently needed.


- Big gaps for supplementary feeding for the most vulnerable groups (Pregnant & Lactating women, Infants & Young children etc.)


- Hospital capacity is overwhelmed with no Intensive Care Unit (ICU), beds available in hub hospitals.


The UN agency declared that over 50,000 pregnant women are likely affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal while the UNICEF also stated that over one million children are affected in this disaster. The government of Nepal has officially requested international assistance and declared a state of emergency. 


DFY USA and DFY have joined forces to respond to this disaster in a coordinated effort, with DFY USA focus on raising financial and volunteer support, while DFY India team managing the execution of the relief efforts. The first team of DFY reached Kathmandu, Nepal on April 27th for initial need assessment of the affected population. The team is working in collaboration with various partner agencies and stakeholders to gather more information and retrieve ground level updates. 


Post assessment, Doctors For You (DFY) team will be intervening and will look to provide medical relief to the affected population in Nepal and its neighboring areas by setting up medical relief camps for the affected victims and their families especially focused on Reproductive health needs of pregnant women, adolescent girls along with provision of basic nutrition for Infants and Young children in need. 


Volunteers including doctors and support staffs experienced in disaster relief work will be sent from Delhi, Mumbai, Assam and other neighboring states to the affected sites, for providing care to patients with any physical trauma and psycho-social issues and for initial assessment of the current situation.


Following are some of the immediate services that DFY has decided to implement:


 Initial assessme§nt of the current situation


 Primary Health Care (general health check-ups and supply of medicines)§


§ Reproductive Health Care Services (ANC check-ups,  supply of clean delivery kits, sanitary kits, medicines related to reproductive health and others)


 Water sanitation and hygiene§


 Psycho-social support§


Assam Project


The devastating flood affected around 17,00,000 people all over Assam. In Kokrajhar district 90% of the houses were partially damaged, 8 % were fully damaged and 22% partially damaged as per JRNA-IAG. Infrastructural damages in terms of road connectivity of Bongaigaon, Kokrajhar and Dhubri district were severe. National highway connecting these 3 districts was inundated and closed down by the authority for a week. It was also difficult for the assessment team to reach Dhubri district for the first week of disaster as bridges were swept away by flood waters





The second phase of assessments and health care intervention in the flood affected districts of Kokrajhar, Dhubri and Bongaigaon revealed that the status of health services and water sanitation and hygiene remains crucial and still undermined by the district authorities. Compared to the districts of Lakhimpur, Dhemaji or Sonitpur where flood occurs on yearly basis the preparation for flood (like raised water source/boats to evacuate household items, livestock etc.) in the above mentioned three districts were found absent

Hand pumps and wells were totally inundated by the floodwater as water logging was observed above 3 ft. Collected water samples from the villages of Bongaigaon, Kokrajhar and Dhubri district were found contaminated. Open defecation was observed while the community was in the relief camps. The community continued practicing open defecation even after returning to their villages as sanitation facilities were completely damaged by the flood water. Similarly the community who returned to their villages after flood water receded had no other option but drink the contaminated water creating high possibilities of water borne diseases.


Focusing on the critical situation pertaining to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Doctors For You carried out extensive WASH promotion activities in all the villages and relief camps where health camps were conducted. Demonstration regarding disinfection of wells and tube wells using bleaching powder was shown to the affected community. In 10 villages across the three district of Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon and Dhubri, water sources samples were found contaminated. In few villages the community members stated that the district official distributed bleaching powders but the villagers were unaware about the usage of it. It was also observed that bleaching powders were sprayed in the camp surroundings which has little positive outcome. Water samples from all the assessed areas were collected through H2S kits and all the samples were found to be contaminated both at point of source and point of use. The community was also trained in preparation of stock chlorine solution for disinfecting drinking water along with distribution of chlorine tablets.


Flood is considered as a yearly phenomenon in Assam. However the floods in the month of August, 2015 is considered to be the worst flood situation in over 20 years affecting thousands of populations across both urban and rural areas of the region. The three districts of Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon and Dhubri were worst hit with massive infrastructural damages in terms of houses and roads, bridges; loss of crops and livestock apart from the inevitable psychological ordeal that the community had to bear. Doctors For You (DFY) implemented immediate response program in the above mention three districts after carrying out assessments in the affected villages with JRNA tools.

The basic objective of this response program was to address the basic health care need of the community that arises after flood situation. Village level intervention with primary health care service were initiated with the help of coordination with and active participation of our local stakeholders like ASHA/ ASHA supervisor and school authority etc. More than 1300 patients were treated through these village level health camps. Deworming was conducted for 800 number of people. During these health camps health and hygiene talks were also conducted for the community. It was found that complains of loose stools, cold, cough and geriatric issues were found prevalent among the flood affected community.


DFY-ASDMA trainings:

Doctors For You (DFY) is providing its services in Assam in collaboration with Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) through its capacity building trainings. The disaster preparedness and capacity building trainings are conducted in four specific modules i.e. 1.Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP), 2.Mass Casualty Management (MCM), 3.Hospital Preparedness and Mass Casualty Management including Hospital safety Plans (HPMCM) and 4.Public Health in Emergency (PHiE).  These four modules were modified keeping in mind the category of training participants, their level of perception and capabilities to cope up disasters and emergencies. Feedbacks from last year’s training participants also helped to make this module practical and as per the need of the community.   Till December 2014, for the year 2014-15, DFY has conducted CBDP trainings in 4 districts, MCM and HPMCM trainings in 11 districts and   PHiE trainings in a total of 5 districts of Assam. 
The first module i.e. CBDP is aimed to sensitize the community about the existing hazards and vulnerabilities and to promote, ensure and strengthen collective effort of the community to address disaster risk and vulnerabilities. The target groups of this module are community level workers, PRI, VCDC, students, teachers and NGO’s. The MCM and HPMCM trainings were designed to provide both theoretical and hands on practical knowledge on various mass casualty issues like extrication, pre hospital triage, basic life support, fire safety, first aid, psychological first aid and management of human remains. Besides this the HPMCM trainings enumerated on the hospital disaster planning’s involving doctors, hospital administrators, and district and block project managers. The prime objective of this training is to prepare a contingency disaster plan for every hospital identifying its resources with the Hospital Incident Command System. It also focuses on hospital internal safety plans like fire safety and infrastructure. Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) is being formulated for the each of the district civil hospitals where trainings were organized. The HICS will help the hospital administration to assess the resources of the hospital, and plan and prepare accordingly for any emergencies the fourth module for training i.e. Public Health in Emergencies is designed to provide extensive knowledge and information to public health workers like ANM/GNM, ASHA workers, Vaccinators, pharmacists, health educators, Sanitary inspectors and MPW’s on various public health issues that requires urgent attention during emergencies. Some of the topics that are covered under this module are nutrition, WASH, vector control, immunization during emergencies and public health promotion during emergencies.

Nagaon Emergency Management Exercise (NEMEX):  

DFY conducted trainings on two modules i.e CBDP and PHiE in Nagaon district as part of the Nagaon emergency Management exercise in association with ASDMA. The emergency exercise was conducted in three phases of trainings on the above mentioned modules followed by table top exercise, and mock drill. 

Goalpara Flood Response:

Besides conducting this disaster preparedness and capacity building trainings under DFY-ASDMA project, The DFY-NERO (North East Regional Office) was also involved in Goalpara Flood response. In the month of September 2014, Assam’s Goalpara district was severely affected by flash floods leaving more than 3 lakhs people affected. Doctor For You executed its mission in flood hit Goalpara district with health cluster assessment of the affected population. The primary objective of the assessment was to get a comprehensive picture of existing camps, humanitarian situation and response pertaining to health needs of those affected by the Flood. As per the data collection and recommendation of the Initial Health Cluster Assessment in the flood affected areas Doctors For You launched its medical health response for the population and organised health camps in 12 clusters covering 24 no. of villages.


Bihar Project

Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) Project

Under Bihar DFY-NMBT Rural Health Center initiative, Doctors For You has started its Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) project for malnourished children in Masarhi Panchayat, Fatwa Block, Patna. . The method used for determining malnourished children is MUAC (mid upper arm circumference) tape including height and weight measurements. Those who fall under SAM category are admitted in the center and RUTF (ready to eat therapeutic food) is supplied to them after triage and appetite test. Their mothers are also advised on how to properly feed the therapeutic food to their children. 

Community development & Peace Building Project

1. Community Farming in Masarhi village :Under the  CCDP Program , DFY has started a  Community Farming program in Masarhi village with  the  help of local villagers . The program’s aim is to provide organic vegetables and fruits to the underprivileged families for their dietary need. For this winter season, 7 land owners have donated 7 katha land for this group cultivation program. Once the vegetables and fruits will grow, it will be distributed among the belonging families.This program does not only fulfill the dietary requirement of poor villagers but also acts as a bridge to lessen the gaps between the rich & poor communities where one side is socially & economically rich but the other is poor & deprived.

2. Skill Development initiatives :Under the CCDP  initiative , DFY has launched a skill development program in Masarhi village from  December,2015. The program aims to empower the  females of the village. The very first step for this initiative was to open a  tailoring  Centre in Masarhi , where 64 girls and housewives have already registered their names and 16 girls have training from expert trainers from  this centre. For this course minimum monthly fee is 75 rupees per month and  the  fees is waived for economically and socially backward  communities. 


3. Education Promotion: Under the CCDP program, DFY has launched education promotion activities to support the school going children, boys and girls. For the Primary school students, DFY is providing free tuition for all on everyday basis. Approx. 200 students from class I to class VIII are participating in the program on daily basis. The aim of the program is to empower the students from all the section of society to prepare and face the competition level exams for their future endeavors. Apart from this , DFY has started free coaching classes for Mathematics and science  to support the students who are going to appear in class Xth Bihar board exam of 2016 . These  classes run on every Sunday where the trainers are coming from reputed coaching institutes from  Patna for the classes. Besides Masarhi, students from the other villages are also joining. 


4.Sports Promotion:For the  promotion of  physical and mental strength among the youth and children, DFY has started a sports promotion program in Masarhi village. DFY has distributed  indoor and outdoor games instruments to the youths and children. Till now DFY has distributed badminton shuttles & corks, volley balls, Carom boards , distance throws etc. Till now more than 50 children and youths are using the donated instruments. The aim of the program is to find out the  talents among the  youths and children . 

5. Swachh Masarhi Abhiyaan: Masarhi village faces various hygiene related challenges due to the poor infrastructure, open drainage system, open defecation etc. DFY has launched a weekly cleanliness drive named as ‘Swachh  Masarhi Abhiyaan” Under this program, on every Sunday, staff of NMBT-DFY Health Centre and local youths provide one hour time for “shramdan” for the cleanliness of the village. More than 50 youths are volunteering for the program.

6. Odha do Zindgi program with Goonj: DFY and Goonj are implementing Odha Do Zindgi program for this winter season  in Masarhi Panchayat of Patna district. The program is nation wide campaign of Goonj to which DFY has partnered for this villageAs we believe that “Winter doesn’t kill people , lake of cloth does !!”. The program runs through  “Cloth for Work “ project. The program aims to provide Winter Family Kit ( warm cloths, blankets, shoes, socks, baby dolls) against the work which has to do by the beneficiaries. Total 20 beneficiaries have been supported till December 2015. These beneficiaries repaired a 10 km roadbetween Masarhi to Naikaroad hault and  also cleaned DFY ’s Masarhi hospital  campus under this project. 

J&K Project

Jammu and Kashmir Rehabilitation Project – 2015-16

Community Based Risk Reduction through Health and Hygiene Promotion (CBR2H2)

Bandipora district of Jammu & Kashmir is a potential flood zone and also face multiple development issues like high infant mortality, under-development, malnutrition, frequent disease outbreaks, consumption of contaminated water and poor sanitation like open defecation, lack of toilets, etc. To change this condition, CII and DFY has launched a community based risk reduction project in ten villages to develop sustainable health practices and mitigate or alter the nature of health risks during normal time and also during emergency. Doctors For You has been working in these ten villages since September 2014 floods through its various programs like medical camps, ASHA training and medicines and equipment distribution.

The aim of the project is to develop sustainable health practices in the proposed ten villages through adopting a multi-sector approach. The project works in coordination with five departments which are Panchayat, ICDS (Aanganwadis), Public Health Engineering, Education (Schools) and Health facilities (SCs & PHCs). Reduction of health risks is the most important aspect to develop sustainable health practices. Health risks here refer to any challenges for community at large that might aggravate due to the lack of awareness or any regular practices thus the planned project attempts to implement risk reduction techniques in the mentioned ten villages.

The project is broadly based on three major sections which are Health, Disaster risk reduction and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). The target area of this project is 7 PRIs of Bandipora district. These seven PRIs are Kehnusa, Aloosa Ghat, Ashtingoo Ghat, Kema, Mangnipora, Kulhama and Leharvalpora. Below are the villages under each of the PRI:

  •  Kehnusa PRI: 3 villages: Kehnusa, Zurimanz - Bangladesh, Khodamal - Kanibat
  • Aloosa Ghat :  Aloosa Paribal, Kanalbagh
  • Astingoo Ghat: Astingoo Ghat
  • Kema: Kema
  • Mangnipora: Mangnipora
  • Kulhama: Kulhama
  • Laharvalpora: Laharvalpora


To develop sustainable health practices through health section of this project, the project started with a detailed baseline survey from health department as well as community members on child mortality, immunization drop out, ANC check-up, disease outbreaks, WASH issues and infrastructure problems etc and targets to work for the betterment of these numbers. The project targets Astingoo Ghat medical Zone which has one PHC, one NTPHC, one allopathy dispensary, 14 sub centers, 1 medical center and 5 Unani dispensary. The first step in this regard is to support all of these health centers to recover from flood loss. SDH, Bandipora will remain main working station and the key place to receive all referred cases, PHC Ashtingoo Ghat will be the working hospital and clinical services will be provided through NTPHC Zurimanz. There will also be weekly village visits and subcenter visits. Strengthening the immunization services is also one of the major objectives of this project.

For DRR, Mobilizing the members of the community, cooperative action plan preparation, instilling a sense of participation and collective efforts to reduce vulnerability to various hazards that a particular community faces at the local level, are important features of this project. For the same, 10 DRR units have been formed through volunteers from each of the selected village. These units will be coordinating various awareness programs in the targeted villages as well as school safety programs. These response units can also be the major assets to respond or support the community during any emergency or disaster.

Most of the health issues arises due to the lack of toilets, consumption of contaminated water, open defecation etc. To mitigate the root cause of all the health challenges, it is extremely important to eradicate the challenges of lack of toilets. Thus, one of the key outcomes of this project is to build 380 toilets for under privileged families in these 10 villages. For the same, WASH team of the organization has visited each of the houses in these villages, conducted baseline surveys and shortlisted the families. The list has been re-analyzed in open community members and first list of beneficiaries has been allocated. 


2014 Flood Response Project

The September 2014 flood in Jammu and Kashmir region had completely devastated the life in 8 districts of Kashmir and 3 districts of Jammu. Approximately 60 lakh people were directly affected and many more were indirectly affected. This was the first urban flood which had completely paralyzed the capital of a state, disrupting not only administration but also the spinal cord of state health system. 

On 13th September 2014, Doctors For You had dispatched an assessment team followed by three mobile medical teams. DFY was one of the early responders to intervene and extend the medical support to the flood victims. In the acute phase, DFY ensured the continuation of the essential health services for six districts of Kashmir region by providing preventive and curative health services.

DFY had received overwhelming support especially from individuals and organizations. DFY-USA chapter was one among the important contributors who helped in organizing medical health camps and school activity (mass de-worming and health education talk). DFY had also partnered with local and national NGOs for better reach to the far flung areas. The DFY partners in Kashmir are: Islamic Relief, IGSSS, Hope foundation, Hope for Humanity and Handicap International.


Milestones achieved: 

1. Overall DFY had served in 75 different locations of 6 districts namely Srinagar, Budgam, Pulwama, Bandipora, Baramulla and Kulgam. Till now DFY has served over 21,000 people who were either displaced or affected by the flood. 

2. Health camps: DFY had organized health camps in form of static camps and Mobile Medical Unit (MMU). DFY had conducted 110 Medical camps in 70 different locations in both urban and rural areas and served 10800 people. In addition DFY had partnered with five other NGOs and supported them with medicines and doctors.

3. Health education camp and De-worming: DFY had reached 39 schools and 17 Anganwadi Center for health talk and served over 4904 individuals through its de-worming campaign to prevent the worm infestation among the children. Currently, DFY has also started vitamin A distribution with this programme.  

4. Adolescent health and hygiene promotion: DFY had given health talk for 214 adolescent females and school teachers. 

5. IEC activity (WASH promotion): During the early intervention, DFY had distributed 24400 chlorine tablets and IEC material (WASH) in 42 locations and reached over 6120 individuals. 

6. Maternal and Child health care: DFY had distributed delivery kits and nutritional supplements in 7 of the remote villages, where the hospitals/PMCs/SCs are partially or completely damaged. DFY has also organized ANC checkup in Gundi-Nowgam, Sumbal, Bandipora. 

7. Capacity Building Programme: DFY is conducting a state-wide capacity building programme for health workers on ‘public health in emergency’ in partnership with National Health Mission (NHM). The programme has been designed in three phases and in first phase DFY had trained 70 state level trainers in Srinagar and Jammu for all the three region. In the second phase DFY had conducted District level TOT in Ladakh region -Leh and Kargil District; Kashmir region- Kulgam, Shopian, Baramulla, Srinagar, Kupwara, Ganderbal, Pulwama, Ananthnag and Budgam . In third phase, DFY targets to train 12000 ASHAs through the 800 trainers trained in District level ToT and 70 trainers trained in State level ToT. 

8. Health facility support: DFY had supported 5 health facilities- 3 in Pulwama, 1 in Baramulla and 1 in Bandipora. DFY is also involved in health facility assessment for 75 flood affected health facilities (CHCs, PHCs and SCs). 


Ongoing programs: 

1. Mobile Medical Unit: DFY is supporting its partner organization Islamic Relief in operating MMUs in 47 flood affected villages of Bandipora and Baramulla district.

2. Capacity building: DFY is undertaking 30 District level ToT and will conduct 50 more ASHA training to support the existing health facility. 

3. Vitamin A programme: DFY is involved in Vitamin A distribution in 6 districts of Kashmir region. This programme is implemented in coordination with ICDS and Health Department. 

4. Mass de-worming distribution: DFY is continuing its de-worming programme in all the six districts.

5. Health facility Assessment and Support: DFY is supporting 75 flood affected Health centres to become functional and re-strengthen to serve the community during the extreme winter. DFY would be providing medicine, and equipment support with special focus on maternal and child health care services. 




Mumbai Project

Health services to Project Affected People’s urban slum resettlement colonies

Mumbai, a city in which life is so fast paced, that no one stops for anyone, even if someone is dying.  In this city, Doctors For You team led by Dr Ravikant Singh, has been working toward universal access to quality health care services to all, specially the under privileged section of society such as slum dwellers, project affected population and migrants since 2010. 

Doctors for You has been providing comprehensive health services in M East ward of Mumbai, which has large slum population, through two community health centres in Govandi and Mankhurd. At both the sites, services are provided at the centre and at the community level. It provides curative and health promotive services. Services provided at the health centre are general health check up, Immunization, family planning, Dental services, ophthalmic services, tuberculosis prevention and control and physiotherapy and neuro rehabilitation. The daily case load in various OPDs range from 150-180 patients. 

In the community, DFY team has been working closely with other stake holders in order to raise the health awareness regarding immunization, tuberculosis, family planning, disability rehabilitation, personal hygiene and dental services. Tuberculosis is a major health problem in this area, currently 110 patients are receiving DOTS therapy at both the centres among which 30 multiple drug resistant cases are provided nutritional supplements to fight against the disease. With the efforts of DFY team and stakeholders cooperation, DFY has achieved 100% immunization coverage among children below 5 years of age in the area. 

Doctors For You has touched directly or indirectly, approximately 1.5 laks lives of this area.  The physiotherapy and disability rehabilitation centre in Lallubhai compound, Mankhurd is one of its own in the entire area of M East ward. At this centre, a team of physiotherapist and social workers is working effortlessly for physical and social rehabilitation of Person’s With Disability (PWD).

Touching the human life: 

One year back, 25 years young Ezaz Ahmad, a diagnosed case of progressive neuro degerative disorder was living in the area with his 60 years old father and 54 year old mother. The eye’s old parents were filled with pain seeing their only son lying in bed unable to stand and hold anything in his hands. In this phase of life, when their son was supposed to be their support, Ezaz was dependent on his parents even for daily routine and personal care. Doctors from municipal hospitals advised him physiotherapy for a long period. The nearest government facility was 17-18 kms away from his residence, taking one hour of commuting after changing two buses. In the private physiotherapy centres (available 3 kms away), he had to pay 150 rupees per session, apart from 80-100 rupees for travelling. During this phase of darkness in his life, a hope came with the start of physiotherapy and neuro rehabilitation services in the area. The services were provided free of cost by DFY and was around 500 meters from his house. Under the treatment of Dr Tajuddin chitapure (Masters in Neuro rehabilitation), during the first 3 months of regular follow up, he regained power in hands from grade 2 to grade 4 and in lower limbs grade 1 to grade 3. Now, he was able to walk with support. In the mean time, our team guided his family for disability certificate. With the follow up for 2 months, he got the disability certificate. Now, he is able to walk without support, can write and take care of himself. Doctors For You arranged for his vocational training course at nearby institute since 1st December 2014. With the physical rehabilitation and disability certificate, he will be able support his family after vocational training. He comes to health centre for exercises, now with a hope to lead a independent life.

A school children being examined by DFY doctor during the School Health services- The way Healthy Life Program

Ophthalmologist examining a patient during eye screening camp at Natwar Parikh Compound on 2nd October 2014

Nutritional supplements being given by DFY Team Member to MDR/XDR Tuberculosis patients at MRVC Health centre.

Identification of musculoskeletal deviation and disability in children of BMC School,

Immunization session